Family Zoo
From my downhill paddock field I bray

“It’s breakfast time and bless this day!”

While plotting to elude the door

We three mew greetings on

The second Sunday, May.
I who from the snow came in,

One January Eve.

I who watch from the sidelines,

Yet in my way I care.
And I who reached to you

Through steel cage bars, aggrieved

When at first you went away,

But now you’ll never leave!

And you won’t be forgetting us, We girls mismatched,

Of forest, field and games of catch.

Those joyous wanderings we have with you.

We chickens and

Turkey too, join in,

Adding to the Maytime din!
For each cup of exotic chow,

For every feed of grain,

For every thatch of grass or clover pulled,

We wish your heart with peace be full.

For you the bright sunshine remains,

Your sight be filled with smiling muzzles,

Watching eyes and paws outstretched.

A joyous bark, A yowl and loud hee-Haw!

Marks this, your special Mother’s Day.



Written by Glynda Shaw, illustrated by Rohvannyn Shaw.