Once common, now laid aside
a bow and arrow in the corner
once the stuff of little boy dreams
his sights now shooting higher
he wings his conscious on the other,
love and not blood and sorrow,
the deer walking into the forest a shadowed beast
its heart beat strong
the boy-man lithe as he extends his fingers to Her.


-Lenore Plassman

Purrsday Poetry: The Christmas Tree by Bernie Colley — Katzenworld

Hi everyone, Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Bernie Colley. The Christmas Tree The kittens gathered round to see the Christmas tree arrive they wondered what this thing could be as it was carried up the drive Once inside a pot was found and filled with earth and sand the tree was […]

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Yule Tide 1200.jpg


Yule Tide

the raw bare foot in the snow
bled and bled as eons pass
that need of crackling paper positioned
the urge to chew on sentiment
never tamped under
crunching we must go if we are to live!?

Inner heart strung, we listen to a harp strummed
spider webs and flinch flight
memoried snow banked, thawing,
we catch each note avidly
a drop of boiling taffy in a common glass
are we at this thread or perhaps that?

December Commute


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December commute

Snow spitting down like a demented inmate
she kept the car steered just beyond the ditch
rosary beads well tucked
potatoes cooked, ready to be warmed
whirling of wheels and whirling of snow
not Catholics but congregants aching to live
the three of us breathed a little deeper
when the driveway hove into view
the burro just down from us sighing into his whiskers.

Down spitting, a patient too angry to be pilled
dampening coats and gloves and groceries
the wooden deck reached we bid adieu
the Grand Old Man shaking his fist outside our walls
we sat to table, steaming food,
our hush now a shout in the absence of blinding white spillage.