Do you find yourself yearning for polite discourse instead of heated battle when the subject of politics comes up? Do you remember when we could discuss things as ideas instead of simplistic views of good versus evil? When people of different political leanings could actually be friends?

Prepare yourself, then, for a refreshing journey to yesteryear.

“Green Pastures of Plenty,” by Dave Plassman, is not your usual partisan harangue. It is a breath of fresh air, a short but to the point exploration of the fundamental issues we all face in common. The goal is to find a “radically centrist” viewpoint and a rational way to arrive at solutions that benefit everyone. This fine little book is available on Amazon, reasonably priced in electronic and print forms, and is one that truly deserves to be spread far and wide.

Click on the image if you’d like to buy a copy, it’s free for Amazon Prime members.