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Our local grocery store overwaters their produce and items are likely to arrive home wet.  I eat radishes as a low-calorie snack on my morning break and was often discomfited by the tendancy for the folliage with which radishes generally arrive, to become rotten in the fridge.  I’d been in the habit recently of pulling off the leafy stuff and composting it then washing the radishes.

More recently though I got wondering about the edible potential of radish greens.  Neither the donkey nor the chickens will eat them but I found that when steamed, these leaves and stems make a tasty addition to any tossed vegetable medley.

The radishes still could languish forgotten in a bag, behind stuff, in the fridge so one day I dropped the newly-separated radishes into a jar of dill pickel juice.  After several days the little globes pick up a pleasantly soured taste.  With repeated usage, the pickle brine becomes dilute so with every three or four radish bunches I pour off maybe a half cup of juice and replace it with vinigar.  My radishes don’t go bad any longer and we’re eating what used to go back into the soil.  I think that’s a definition of win-win!

Glynda Shaw