Be only a prankster at the door

All Hallows Eve just a candy heist

not a doe blinded by cataracted lens:

leave me from the task of whisking away your fear-entrenched growl

my human’s heart tells me that no broom will do

to remove the webbing from your brain

I’m meant to watch and bide as your Hour nears.



A word of explanation:

This poem was written for a beautiful Lynx point Siamese who was adopted by a person who meant well but worked too much and left her shut up in an apartment with no interaction.  She had toys and such but far too little human touch.  Even though she got a new home with much love and plenty of interaction, the damage was done and she still acts half wild, even after years of rehabilitation.  Please, if you are going to adopt a furry friend, make sure you have time for them and recognize that cats are social animals who need love and lots of interaction.