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I’ve had comparatively little to say about the upcoming election because most of what I’d have to say has been already said by countless folks. There is a concern I have however that I’ve not heard otherwise uttered. The closer we’ve come to the election, we’ve heard increasingly more damning things about Donald Trump, first, his various business dealings then his disrespect of women and other groups, his indiscretions on camera and among a male grouping, now his invasion of a womens’ locker room at a Miss Teen Pageant, his sexualizing of a ten-year-old girl and his putting his hand up the dress of a First Class seat mate on a commercial airliner. While I have absolutely no problem believing all of this I continue to have the question Why? Not why did he do it but why weren’t we told a long time ago, like when there was some practical possibility of doing something about it?

There appears to be some fund of Donald’s past misdeeds, the custody of which appears to belong to an individuals or individuals, who are feeding information to the general public in a precalculated and quite cynical fashion. It’s pretty plain to me that someone quite high in the Democratic Hierarchy has become quite frightened that Mr. Trump will actually be elected and though at first, conventional political mud slinging appeared to be sufficient to squelch him, now something other than mud might be required. For some reason however, these lurid episodes from Donald’s past and present are a little too hot to handle comfortably, perhaps a bit too much like liable? For the holder thereof to release, and feel quite comfortable about it. What is to be brought out next? Baby cannibalism? Drugs in the Trump Tower water cooler? Incest? Lobotomization of female staff (and likely quite a few of the male supporters too) and why are we required to wait? What is the big secret that’s being saved for last?

I being totally blind, don’t get the visual signs from Mr. Trump, his evidently predatory stalking of Senator Clinton all over the stage during debates, his evidently intrusive holding and kissing of his daughter en camera and doubtless, lots of other things. Also being blind as well as being not unskilled at reading people, I am a counselor and a social worker; I perhaps more than most people, hear a certain little boy hurtfulness in Donald, a sort of sense that he feels picked on and would like to have friends if only he knew how to make them. While I’ll never vote for him, nor do I approve of much of what he says or how he acts, I can’t truly hate Donald Trump. I guess in my innermost caretaker self, I’d like to give him a big chocolate chip cookie and maybe a tall glass of Scots whiskey! (Yeah, I know he’d probably sell it at an inflated price then make fun of me!  Don’t bother.)

I’ve supported Hilary to one degree or another because I rather admired how she appeared to keep her dignity during the Billygate with Monica and all that. Also she’s a woman and as a feminist I would like to see a woman president before I die. In saying this however I am aware of the inherent hypocrisy in assuming because someone is female, she is entitled to my vote. Feminism is supposed to stand for the rights of all people and of course it generally doesn’t anymore than any of the other isms. As someone who loves our country deeply in spite of our history since Watergate to the present era of robot bombing (under a liberal administration) I’ve entertained a perhaps forlorn hope. The hope that a woman, a mother and grandmother will bring a different perspective to the bloodstained arena of world politics. I can’t honestly say that Hilary brings that motherly, goddess-like wisdom to the table and that anything she offers will depart from what we have now. Yes I know she fought for children and minorities since way back when but in the era during which she began and built her career, standing up for minorities was becoming the passport to future success in the same way that today, politicians wishing to secure future tenure, find it expedient to support gay and trans causes. Hilary gained a lot more from her stands than she risked, which is not to say that the causes themselves were inappropriate or wrong. Still when Hilary Clinton’s supporters trumpet about her record working with minorities and children, my response is “What else should she have been doing?”

There is no significant doubt in my mind that both of our leading contenders for President this year are crooked as a dog’s hind leg and by this I mean no disrespect to dogs. They use their anatomies pretty well for self protection but dogs in most cases harbor a certain loyalty to those people who keep and feed them. One wonders whether this can be said for either Hilary or Donald. Again like in the last several elections; we are asked to decide not who would be the best for the job but rather which one do we think will do the least damage. It’s sad. I’m making myself depressed. The subject is easily tiring. But oh yes, what will be the next Big Surprise and from which vault will it be drawn?

Glynda Shaw