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Originally posted on October 18, 2014 at 3:10 AM

Elections are again on the near horizon. Incumbents are going merrily along as if they should continue in what has become for many, a lifetime subsidy. Let’s not forget that not so many months ago, denizens of both parties paralyzed (our) Federal government due to their obstinate refusal to work together for compromise.

Both parties were and are at fault as well as the President. Both sides have valid points and both have glaring faults. What had been throughout the 20th Century however, an healthy rivalry perhaps with a leavening dash of good old-fashion hatred, has so far throughout the present century turned into a posture of total intractability on both sides of the political spectrum that nothing is being done.

If Senators and legislators could be taken off the clock like most other persons who refuse to work, that might be one thing. I suspect they’d find a way to compromise in order to maintain their privileged existences. Since they make the rules governing their own pay (along with just about everything else) this won’t happen. The only apparent solution is a massive infusion of new blood.

The old system isn’t working. In general I like my U.S. Senators and legislators but nobody in either house deserves much credit for making our government work. Let’s oust incumbents and give new folks a chance. Let’s try more folks from beyond the legal (frarority—cool word what?) Let’s send a strong message that however divided ideologically, our leaders must hammer out compromises or be fired. Also in 2016, let’s try to elect someone with at least Centrist pretensions? The transition from Bush II. To Obama has seen a continual and maintained widening of the political rift, only the polarity has changed. This is not adequate or acceptable!