Originally posted on January 16, 2013 at 12:25 PM

I’ve written about this before obviously but would like to clarify and add to something I touched on in one of my entries last month. The shootings of December 14 continue to occupy a fair amount of media attention though now not so much in terms of the victims, perpetrator or survivors, but what this and other events might mean to the debate over gun control. Let alone that nothing being proposed in the Senate or by the President would have had any realistic effect on what happened in Connecicutt, there is a News Void which has scarcely been scratched through all of the coverage of these tragic events.

The preponderantly leftist media has spent a good deal of time crowing about the iron grip of the NRA finally being broken (perhaps) and the NRA appears to be shifting blame to persons labeled as mentally ill. Let’s make those folks bear the scrutiny and restrictions and let us Normal folks alone. In all the hype pro and con about the Second Ammendment, we still have heard precious little about the First. Our society has been spoon fed for generations now the notion that the First Ammendment, Freedom of speech in particular (only part of the amendment) is not only inviolable but noncriticizable as well. TV, Radio stations, newspapers, electronic media feel they can inflict not only whatever content they wish upon the public but in whatever manner they choose and to whatever degree. Still the First Ammendment contains limitations and safeguards.

Persons for example are not allowed to run through public buildings shouting “Fire!” In many places and for many years we’ve tolerated limitations of First Ammendment rights when the names of rape victims for example, juvenile victims and some other protected groups have not been published. We know that not all free communication is necessarily good.

What greater curtain call could a person of diseased morals and hatred toward all humanity itself itself make but to announce it’s presence and ability to wield a very cowardly but pervasive power than to evoke literally international fame? It may only last a few days but kill enough innocents and you will be known to almost everyone!

I lay a good deal of the terrifying trend toward mass murder at the door of Media and it’s cherished, unassailable First Ammendment. When a mass shooting or other multiple murder occurs the degenerate perpetrator’s name, face, and exploits saturate the media. A story is repeated many times during a single hour with no addition of new information generally but keeping the human refuse at the center of the story front and center in our minds.

I submit that were persons not assured of instant if perhaps transitory fame and the thrill of knowing that what they do is burned into every aware consciousness within transmission range, the incentive to commit such acts would be lessened, probably to a very large degree. If reporters and their editor/programmers would perhaps make one announcement, whenever something new was actually known, leaving out the perpetrator’s name, giving no pictures of the event, and having a limit of how many times the story can be mentioned per day, we might knock a lot of the romance out of killing tiny children and innocent movie goers. (Sounds sort of like limiting magazine size doesn’t it?) As things stand today, Media personel, editors, program directors, reporters, commentators are acting as parasites on the misfortune of the least fortunate and aggrandizing the worst of human nature as much as any gun runner or fringe paramilitary partisan ever did. Sure let’s try not to sell guns to people who are likely to kill others (though let’s not always couple this with “likely to hurt themselves” these are separate issues.) I don’t really care if you have 7 or 30 rounds in your clip but I’m willing to accept the lower number. While we’re doing these things and hopefully developing strategies to guard our schools and our children (somehow) let’s start forcing the Media to recognize and do something about the intrinsic part they play in encouraging and sustaining gun violence.

Glynda Shaw

Armed Citizen and Pregnant Women’s Social Worker